Caspian Technical Training Centre (CTTC)


Caspian Technical Training Centre (CTTC)

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Since 2003, Petrofac Training Services has co-managed Caspian Technical Training Centre (CTTC) in Baku, Azerbaijan on behalf of BP and its partners. In 2011, we signed a new contract to operate CTTC for a further five years.

Working with our joint venture partner TTE International Limited, we provide support in the management of the centre and deliver competence based, hands-on training. Delegates are predominantly new to the industry. By the time they leave CTTC, they have the foundation skills required to enter the workplace safely and ready to learn the specific asset requirements.

CTTC facilities

Classrooms and workshops equipped with a variety of training aids, including:

  • A drilling simulator
  • An operations pilot plant with distributed control system (DCS) simulation
  • A process simulator
  • A large and fully equipped workshop fitted with company equipment used extensively within the oil and gas industry, to provide the foundations for underpinning knowledge and practical experience

The workshop facility is complemented by around 24 classrooms and offices and both physical and virtual equipment for production and drilling training.

The training programmes are designed to accelerate learning via the concentration of skills based technical training using specific experiential-type training equipment. Integral to this technical development are HSE, language and business behavioural skills training, which together form the essential foundations for a career in the oil and gas industry.

As such the centre can deliver training for:

  • Mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and process operations personnel. Integrated safety and technical English language modules are included
  • Personnel requiring English Language training. This involves elements associated with HSE, IT, business behaviours and ethics
  • New entrants to the industry and experienced personnel wishing to further develop their skills. CTTC also delivers a wide range of internationally Accredited courses for those wanting to upgrade and enhance their existing knowledge and competence in the latest technological developments