New skillsxp

Petrofac SkillsVX is a highly flexible software based solution that provides a transparent overview of competence compliance within a business.

Clients can use the software to assure internal and external stakeholders that workforce capabilities comply with operational and regulatory requirements. SkillsVX can analyse the workforce of an individual business unit, a specific asset or the organisation as a whole.

The software tool has become part of our stable of services following our acquisition of the SkillsVX business. Prior to this, we had worked in partnership with the company for more than two years.

SkillsVX can be used to:

  • provide a comprehensive measurement of workforce capability and performance
  • manage and track workforce skill and knowledge gap closure
  • enable fit-for-purpose management of training, competence and development processes
  • generate auditable, on-demand compliance dashboard reports to meet operational and regulatory requirements
  • enable comprehensive planning and tracking of all personnel scheduling

Specifically, the competency management tool enables companies to manage and track the following.

  • Training compliance: forecasting training needs, monitoring training budget, providing certification expiration alerts, managing compliance audits and supporting course bookings
  • Competence compliance: establishing competence requirements, identifying gaps, alerting staff to appraisal deadlines and assessments, managing compliance audits, managing and recording assessments
  • Talent management: hosting career development paths, creating and tracking personal development plans and aiding succession planning
  • Personnel on board planning: tracking compliance timeframes, forecasting compliance assurance throughout a project and closing gaps before crew go offshore
  • Training logistics: managing all logistics around training, including management and administration of internal and external training providers, courses and costs
  • Dashboard reporting: reporting on all aspects of input data, in particular finance reports on training spend

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