Safety and Environmental Management Systems

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New regulations were put in place in November 2011 to protect against a repeat of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. US operators must have in place Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) plans.

Following the devastating impact of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, US operators must have SEMS plans in place. This comprehensive management programme was devised as a way to recognise, address and manage operational safety hazards. The objective: to ensure the safety of personnel and protect against the kind of environmental damage experienced in 2010.

SEMS regulations put the onus on the operator to ensure that both employees and contractors adhere to SEMS plans. Written safety policies and procedures must be in place – and records assuring workforce competence are also required.

In order to ensure a uniform approach to meeting SEMS regulations many US companies made use of competence assurance programmes. These provide a logical means of defining the skills and knowledge required for workforce safety – and for developing the training, assessment and record keeping required for SEMS compliance.

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