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About Oilennium

Oilennium offers the oil and gas industry expert ‘blended’ training solutions. Employing a mixture of training materials helps to better engage and retain the learner’s interest. Our combination of classroom and computer-based training is also highly cost-effective – and ideally suited to personnel based on remote assets.

Our training materials use the latest technology to deliver stunning 3D visuals, sound and reactive feedback to the learner. All are designed in-house with the help of our subject matter experts (SMEs). These experienced oil and gas training professionals ensure that all content is technically accurate and remains current.

For each client, we select the best mix from our range of:

For example, eLearning modules and simulators can be used to support instructor-led and on-the-job training. Completing virtual learning before entering the classroom gives delegates a head start. The trainer can be confident that they have sufficient knowledge to begin, and time away from work is used more effectively.


Staff can sign up for and start taking our library courses straight away. Or we can create bespoke training specific to a client’s requirements – whether it relates to a new piece of equipment or site-specific induction and safety.

Our library courses currently cover:


Our advanced 3D animation technology lets us bring specialist equipment out of the workshop and onto the screen, seamlessly integrating it into training. Now delegates can get to grips with how new equipment is used before ever touching it.


We have developed a range of simulators to train and assess competence in:

  • Drill pipe handling
  • Process safety (double block and bleed)
  • Equipment pre-start (diesel and electronic)
  • Mechanical build.

Learning management systems

We can build and operate an interactive, trackable, online LMS to host your own branded training courses. Users can log in at any time to undertake training. So they needn’t travel to specialist learning centres or have extended periods away from their role.


For clients limited by geographical location and poor Internet connectivity such as offshore drilling rigs and vessles, we offer ConTrainer. This complete LMS can be set up with all of your required courses. It can then be deployed on your local network for single or multiple users. It’s the same rich Oilennium training experience, but accessible remotely.

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