High integrity competence assessment

high integrity competence assessment

Maintaining the highest standards of competence across the workforce is key to the continued success of any business. Petrofac Training Services can assess workforce competence as well as deliver training to enhance capabilities where necessary.

Our highly qualified instructors are subject to rigorous vetting to ensure their suitability to conduct assessments of learner competence. We also consistently and conscientiously adhere to the independent accreditation standards of the courses we deliver.

Petrofac Training Services uses the range of methods below to assess workforce competence.

  • Competence management system: job descriptions may stipulate the key competencies required in a role. If ongoing performance management uncovers learning gaps, personnel may receive targeted training and assessment
  • On-the-job assessment: to assess an individual’s competence within a specific role. Must be able to competently perform any task relevant to the designated area of responsibility and normal working environment
  • Off-the-job assessment: to assess an individual’s academic knowledge or practical skill level against a competency standard. Normally conducted within a simulated environment