Competence management and support services

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Petrofac Training Services has the capacity to support clients to varying levels in line with business needs. Many clients choose to outsource the assurance and management of competence to us. We deliver this function using our versatile SkillsXP software. Other clients employ SkillsXP to fulfil particular aspects of the competence management function in-house.

SkillsXP can be used to:

  • manage competency frameworks
  • assess a workforce against agreed frameworks
  • manage the delivery of training to plug skills gaps, or
  • manage which personnel are on an asset at any given time

We can also provide further avenues of support, as outlined below.

Training management services

We provide professional and cost-effective outsourced training management solutions for the co-ordination and administration of a customer’s entire training requirement.

Awarding bodies

We assess and verify training against the standards stipulated by national awarding bodies:

Vendor co-ordination and management

Clients can employ our assistance to manage third parties that supply goods and/or services to the business.

Satellite and external accreditations

We can liaise with training facilities operating from afar to deliver certifications and awards under the auspices of a relevant accredited centre or external awarding body.