Petrofac Training Services recently supported the delivery of a unique training project for Canadian organisation, Survival Systems Training Limited (SSTL).

Petrofac Training Services has developed unique, operationally oriented, Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEPs) that meet Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) regulatory requirements.

In 2011, our Emergency Response and Crisis Management (ERCM) team participated in a National Exercise, designed to test the UK's ability to react to a major incident.

Petrofac Training Services provides emergency response support for multiple North Sea operators in the event of an emergency situation. Our purpose-built Emergency Response Service Centre (ERSC) can deliver a complete emergency response solution for clients operating worldwide.

In Montrose we are able to provide link ups between the emergency response teams dealing with emergency response incidents out on the fire ground with major emergency management training in our simulators

Petrofac Training Services delivers the full range of marine training to the oil and gas and maritime industries.

E.ON approached Petrofac Training Services to consider major emergency management (MEM) training for its offshore wind farm staff.

The scale of the pipeline facility combined with our ‘hands-on’ approach to training allows for authenticity without the risk associated with live operations.