Supporting delivery to Canadian training standards


Supporting delivery to Canadian training standards



Petrofac Training Services recently supported the delivery of a unique training project for Canadian organisation, Survival Systems Training Limited (SSTL).The training saw 200 personnel from Stena Drilling & Chevron be trained by SSTL and Petrofac Training Services (PTS) over a six week period.

This programme was a great opportunity to partner with a Canadian training provider that has a similar level of experience and track record in developing and delivering safety and survival training for offshore personnel (SSTL established 1982) as ourselves. The partnership demonstrates the flexibility and adaptability of our staff and facilities in accommodating the Canadian course syllabus and equipment to achieve learning outcomes.

The training took place from our Marine and Altens training facilities in Aberdeen, Scotland. To ensure the courses met the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) regulatory standards and the approval of the Offshore Petroleum Boards of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, specialised equipment was shipped from Canada to the UK and installed at the Aberdeen facilities.

The 45 day training programme commenced early June 2012 in preparation for Chevron Canada’s 2012 Orphan Basin Drilling programme, which will utilise the Stena Carron Drillship.

The training focussed on a number of specific courses, including training covering basic offshore survival, basic HSE & regulatory awareness and offshore fire team training, Delegates finishing the courses will be fully aware of legislative frameworks, safety systems in place, and the equipment and procedures that will be used in an emergency when working offshore in Canada.

SSTL and PTS will continue this successful partnership in a second follow on training project to deliver these CAPP specific courses to other operators and drilling contractors with work planned in the Canadian East Coast offshore.